The Skinterns Are Back

As you can see from our not-so-subtle title, the Skinterns are back! We know it must feel like forever! When we launched the skintern program last year it was a huge success - so huge that the skinterns we were training got up to speed and were promoted from their skintern positions to full-time skincare experts, which is why the program ended. However, we’re training two new great superchicks and that means skinterns are back.

If you’re new to these parts you may be thinking “what is a skintern?” Well, basically skinterns are Alayne White Skin Experts in training - interns… skinterns. (Get it? We love a good play on words here.) These women  have been through esthetics school and are fully-licensed, but are now getting their Ph.D at Alayne White GRAD SCHOOL. And while our training is second to none, we’re aware that no matter how much we train, our newbies need practice and experience. We have learned that the only way they can get this is to actually do the treatments.

The skintern program has benefits that are three-fold:

  • It gives you the opportunity to get a few of our services at a 40% savings knowing that you will be getting a highly trained skin therapist, but one who is fresh in the room
  • It gives our newest team members fantastic hands-on training, and
  • It gives us the opportunity to collect valuable feedback on our new skin experts before we fully release them into the wild.

Yep. You read that right - skintern services are a 40% savings off selected services. How do you schedule yourself these incredible services at these fun, temporary prices? Just click right here to take a look at which services are available and then schedule online. You can also give us a call at the Bristol location - the main place you can get some Skintern action. Providence will offer some services on a very limited basis so, yes you will have to take the big drive all the way to Bristol - and schedule your service the retro way because we love a little human-to-human interaction. Plus we have some kicking gardens and some beautiful sitting areas in our Bristol space and we really want to show them all off.


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