Commit To Your Skin

Why should I make a commitment to my skin?

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have the money.”

“I have a gift card that someone gave me three years ago in my drawer, I should make an appointment, but I have just been so busy.”

I have spoken to many hairdressers over the years who have had similar experiences when they see someone who they know they can make their hair look so much better. I am the same way. When I look at skin when I see people out and about I so often think, we could make their skin look so much better.

If all of these comments seem familiar to you, it is because of my years of experience of listening to you. But here is also what I know. Is your skin the healthiest and happiest? Are you happy with your skin when you look in the mirror? If the answer is a resounding yes, then that is great. Even if your answer is, “It’s good enough,” that’s fine too, afterall it is your skin.

Do you find yourself looking at the vast quantity of skin products or cosmetic treatments, but feel completely overwhelmed? Do you find yourself having to use more makeup to cover up spots, or redness or blemishes?

If these questions are resonating, then I have a solution. Take care of your skin. Skin care is not that hard, but it does require consideration.

Women will spend hundreds of dollars on the latest anti wrinkle cream or the latest eye shadow. They will spend five dollars a day on a cappuccino or a latte. They will rush to the plastic surgeon to consider injecting their skin with the latest concoction, but never consider the first basic question. Does my skin look the best it can be because when it does, all of the other stuff is not nearly as necessary. How do you get it to be the best?

Here is where we come in and it is not about selling you a boatload of product. We just know what can get your skin to be the best and usually we start with the basics, cleanse and moisturize and a good facial.

What I know about my skin is that when I am on a good routine (just like eating and exercising) I don’t need skin treatments as much as when I am not. Of course facials are wonderful for your skin, they detoxify, they nourish, they hydrate and cleanse, but what I have really been blown away by is that my spirit loves them, but my skin doesn’t seem to need them as much because of my very consistent at home care. This has been really interesting to me, almost like a science project, because the more routine I am with my routine, the less I have found to need long facials. That being said, I now have regular treatments that are totally focused and to the point. These, in our skin world, are called PURE POWER. Peels that are not scary, but totally skin stunning.

Let us seriously get your skin in the shape we know it can be.

I thought it would be helpful to share my routine with you just so you can see how easy it is.

Wake up                                                                     Get home

splash with water                                                  wash with cleanser

spray with toner                                                    spray with toner

2 drop of vitamin c                                                1 pump of serum

moisturize                                                                moisturize


Every 4-6 weeks I get a Lactic peel ($65)

2 times a year or more if an opening happens at the exact time I happen to have an hour and a half I get a full facial.

The initial investment will cost some money, but a high quality product means super concentrated and when you use it like we tell you, you will get at least 3-4 months (sometimes six) out of the product.

Trust me. Your skin can always be the best, but like an exercise and food plan, it needs consistency.

Come in anytime for one of our SKINTRODUCTION services and let us design a simple at home care routine. If you want to have a one on one with Alayne, personally especially if you are moving past fifty, please call the Bristol location and schedule an appointment.

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