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How To Talk To Your Teen About... Skin

We know these conversations are hard. You look at your teen’s skin everyday and you just see all the hormones going crazy and you want to help. So you talk about it, you rush to the dermatologist or you buy the acne drying skin care online or in the drugstore or you buy the products you used as a kid. For me it was Noxema and Bonne Bell ten-o-six toner. I have no idea what ‘ten-o-six’ even stood…

Let's Talk Skin

Does your skin look exactly how you want it? Does it feel healthy and bright? How do you want it to look anyway and what do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Have you considered this question? Do you berate yourself when you look at your skin in the mirror wishing away certain lines or spots that seemed to appear overnight?  I hope not because life is way too short to say unkind things…

Commit To Your Skin

Why should I make a commitment to my skin?

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have the money.”

“I have a gift card that someone gave me three years ago in my drawer, I should make an appointment, but I have just been so busy.”

I have spoken to many hairdressers over the years who have had similar experiences when they see someone who they know they can make their hair…

Alayne's Tips For Amazing Skin

  1. Always wash your face when you get home & (when) you change into comfy clothes.
  2. Be sure to always use a good cleanser and moisturizer. You will be married to these, so make sure you love them, the smell, the feel, the results.
  3. Don’t let hot water beat on your face in the shower, especially if you have sensitive skin or acne. this inflames the skin.
  4. Wear SPF daily.…

Smart + Healthy Skin

Every exciting day we interact with our clients, we hear lots of skin stories.

  • “I don’t wash my face before bed.”
  • “I use soap on my face, is that bad?”
  • “I don’t like the way moisturizer feels so I don’t use it.”
  • “Is it bad to squeeze your skin?”
  • “I want my lines and wrinkles to go away.”
  • “How do I get ride of my brown spots?”
  • “I…

about the alayne white team written by Kristine G.

This blog is wrtiten by my illustrious and stellar team leader, Kristine. Seriously, without my team there is no alayne white. I may own the bus, but without a driver and customers on the bus... well you know..

Anyone who works in the service business knows, its a tough one!  There are so many aspects that go into each and every day, and most importantly you have to always "be on" as we…

New Skin Resurfacing Treatment

These new non invasive, results oriented series of services are a stunning new addition to our menu. There is no down time with these and your skin will look brighter and happier after the first one. Sign up for our new first treatment called, SKINTRODUCTION ($75) with one of our skin coaches. At this 45 minute appointment, you will not only experience a targeted results oriented treatment, but…



 We all make resolutions. The endless lists of shoulds and coulds and supposed tos. As I get older, what I have noticed is that I am way more patient with myself. The younger alayne would make these absurd lists of resolutions that no human could ever keep, set up to fail from the beginning. What is the fun in that? Here is my resolution for 2016. Know that every moment is special. There…

Get Your Skin Back in the Game

Skin services are not like a haircut. With a haircut, you look in the mirror and you know you need one, with your skin, not always. We know that skin is better with our facials. Yes it is relaxing, sure, but most importantly, we are about great skin at alayne white.


How Do You Choose Skin Care?

 I am not sure if there is another industry that offers as many choices as the "skin care" industry.  Options....sounds positive right?  What if we change the word, and say choices? Still positive?  The word overwhelming comes to mind.  Below are a FEW suggestions to help navigate the extensive field:

1.  What are you trying to accomplish?  This is always the first question we ask when…