Who's Your Mama?


I love MOTHER'S DAY. I just love hanging out with my son. We go to Hope Diner for Breakfast, usually a nice bike ride and just some great hanging out time. Mother's Day is such a great celebration of connection.

my son and me and the super awesome handwritten letter he gave me last year for mother's day, seriously his was the best gift ever, (maybe even better than an alayne white gift card, but don't tell him that)

I have so many moms in my life. My own mother who doesn't live around here, but has influenced me in so many ways, especially in the kitchen. How I cook, how I shop for food and kitchen items and my love for all things food, this is my mother 100%. I am so grateful she taught me this really important aspect of my life.

There are so many women in my life who are "mom like" You know those women you can count on anytime to give you advice, or be a shoulder to lean or cry on. These mom type relationships are invaluable to me especially since my mother lives so far away and I don't see her that much.This Mother's Day, I celebrate these special bonds with our own mothers and the pretend moms out there who are the surrogates for the real thing. 

MY friend Ro with my dog, Frankie. Definitely in the top mom world for me, well maybe more like a sister.

here is our rockstar manager, Kristine in Providence, with one of her 2 sons, Zac.

Here are some of my favorite people who show up in my life to help me in my moments. there are so many, but here are a few.

my aunt kiley and me at The Wayside Inn.

my dear friend, MARCIA, (and bobby and Frankie)

my neighbor, Dottie, the offical rockstar of Constitution St. and someone who gives me the most amazing daily advice.

an old friend who passed away, Joy, who was a great influence in my life with Jenna and her awesome kids.

my son when he was a little tike, maybe 10 months? hard to believe this is my 18th mother's day.

WELL HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO all of you superchicks.

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