How’s Your Skin?


Incredibly, one thing I forget to write about is what we are the most amazing at and that is SKIN. Sometimes in my love of writing I actually forget to write about how I got started in this business and what makes us the experts we are.

Now is a  great time to take a good look in the mirror and besides telling yourself how lovely you are, decide if your products that you are using are actually working. Does your skin look luminous and radiant, or does it have a dull look to it?  Does it have clogging from all of that summer sunscreen? Are your products ready for the upcoming change of seasons and temperature or is it time to put some aside for next spring summer and upgrade?

I am amazed at how much we women spend on makeup and hair products and hope in a jar, yet when it comes to some basic skin care, we are so often in the dark and confused about what to use and more importantly, what not to use.

some great natural skin, alayne (almost 50,) her grandfather (almost 97) Ro, (50s)

I am a huge believer in less is more and when it comes to good and simple skin care, first and foremost everyone needs a cleanser and a moisturizer that they can call their best friends. I always say, before you jump in to a whole pile of products make sure you get your foundation of basic skin care under control. There are lots of great products on the market.

We are licensed professionals selling this product so you know you are getting the honest truth. No one works on commission at our spas and we love what we do. Besides the incredible product knowledge we have, our treatments are a great way to kick your skin's booty back into the delightful face that stares you back in the mirror.

We love what we do, we love to serve, to treat and we are excellent at it. Whether you are coming in for yourself or your daughter or son, you are in great hands at either of our locations. We stand behind our products and our treatments and if for any reason you are not happy with anything, I am always available at

We look forward to changing your skin and helping it be the best ever!

Joyfully and Gratefully,  Alayne

just in case you haven't heard about our lovely room of private peace in bristol for your resting pleasure, yes free and open to the public, this will surely make your skin calm and happy because we all know it's what's on the inside too)




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