To Spa Or Not To Spa


I was at a great function the other night where I met about 14 women who all work in a prison type environment, not quite a prison, but more of a holding facility where many of the inmates are on their way to prison and are awaiting the outcome. Clearly, this is a different environment than the one I go to work to everyday and we had some great conversation about going to a spa.

I was explaining my spa, alayne white spa, and it occurred to me that I needed to explain why we are so different, what makes alayne white spa more exceptional than most experiences. I decided to blog about the trials and tribulations that so many women face in not only choosing what spa to go to but more importantly whether or not to even step foot in a spa.

Here are some great friends of alayne at a spa night for couples in our providence location.


For those of you reading this who are regular spa goers, some of this may seem like it doesn’t apply, but go back to your first spa experience and that is what I aim to discuss today.

I think so many women who have never been to a spa can feel a mix of emotions, what do I wear? How should I act? DO I leave a tip and if so, how much? What do the rooms look like? Who will my skin therapist be, will I like her (or him)? Will I say the wrong thing? Will everyone look more spa literate than I do? Will I feel inadequate? Will everyone have way better skin than I do? How much is this going to cost?

The list goes on and on. As I was talking to these very saavy women, some of these questions came up and I thought about all the women out there who don’t come to spas simply because of the fear of the unknown. AND I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THOSE FEELINGS! You are totally vulnerable walking into a spa to spend your hard earned money not having a clue about what your experience is going to be like. Someone may have told you that it is a great place but with nothing to compare it to, what does that even mean?

Even when you walk in, you still have no idea what goes on behind the closed door of the treatment rooms.

We as therapists sometimes forget the obvious , which is to teach you what is about to happen before we tell you to take off your clothes and lie down on a bed before we rub cream on your face or oil on your body. I am sure that can be intimidating enough as so often we can barely get our partners to do that for us in a most intimate setting and here we are expecting a new spa goer to be prepared to have a stranger do that to them.

So here are a few of tips for coming to alayne white spa, though some may apply to all spas, I am specifically talking about the alayne white  spa experience.

1.     No need to get all dressed up to come to our spa, as a matter of fact, we want you to feel super comfortable coming in. For the most part, if you are getting a spa service, your hair is probably not going to look that great afterwards anyway so don’t even bother doing your hair. You don’t even have to wear makeup when you come in!  We will also ask you to take off your jewelry too, so don’t feel like you need to wear all your baubles. We, as the ultimate welcomers, usually don’t get too dressed up either because we want you to feel comfortable when you come in. Don’t be surprised if our skin therapists have on yoga pants and a tshirt and crocs. We try to be as quiet as possible when walking around the spa, so rubber soled shoes are usually what we are wearing.

2.     Many women and men ask if they need to shave before they come in, not necessary. We don’t care if you have stubble.

3.     Our rooms are private and beautiful, the lights are dimmed and the music is soft. We triple sanitize anything we have to reuse which for the most part are cuticle nippers, mask brushes and tweezers, everything else is either disposable or we send it out for cleaning.

4.     When you get one of our treatments, we usually have you change into a gown or a robe. Often we are asked,”this is a facial, right?” because people are surprised that they are asked to take off their clothes for a facial. Our facials like all of our services are not the norm, we like continuous surprises so foot massages sometimes come with facials and scalp and shoulder massages sometimes come with pedicures. Don’t be alarmed, we want to take great care of you.

5.     My amazing team is trained in service as much as treatments. Our goals is to have you feel like a guest in our home and we really mean that. We don’t ever want you to feel like someone is talking down to you or creates any feeling in you other than the feeling of joy and fabulousness. No snooty and obnoxious behavior from us, we love to serve.

As I sit here writing this I am trying to put myself in the shoes of a new spa goer, but I find it so difficult to imagine the feelings as I have been in the spa world for over 20 years. What I do know is that we are experts in anticipating your needs and most of your worries and we will put you at ease from the moment you walk through the door or better yet, the moment you call us. No question is odd, we want to delight and impress and get you to come in not only once but many times.

I hope this helps your journey into our alayne white spa world and if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment. I am sure it will help others who feel the same way.


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