Business Coaching from a Woman’s Perspective

There are amazing programs and coaching advisors out there, but of all the advice I have seen over the years, I have always felt that male advisors don't always get what it is like to be a woman in business. Because of this, I have created powerful one on one coaching sessions, business and event presentations, and guest speakings lectures specific to women by a woman who understands the dynamics of owning and running a company AND a family.

These workshops are available as event presentations or as individualized coaching for you and/or your team. You can also get a few businesses together for a group session.

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One to One Coaching
This is my favorite starting point in working with a client.You and me for two 3 hour sessions or three 2 hour sessionscreating a cash flow and a plan for your business. This is a great opportunity to talk to someone who has been at it and realize that you are not alone in the trials and tribulations of owning your own business especially if you are a single owner.

Creating a Vision and a Mission for Your Company
This team driven workshop is an amazing opportunity to get your team either back on track and refocused. Learn how to create a vision for your company that gets the whole team reenergized. This three hour workshop is great for anyone whether you have been in business for a long time or just starting out. If you and your team don't know where you are going, how do you expect to get there?

The Dynamics of Retail
Selling? Yikes! We know, you think you will sound pushy, turn the client off so that they won't come back to you. This program will help break down the barriers that prevent you from doing your job. Understand the 3 basic elements of the sale and learn to determine and fulfill needs in this very informative and fun program that will most definitely get you rocking with retail.

Service With a Smile - (For owners only)
When was the last time you had an out of body customer service experience? Have you ever? Do you think that your business gives great service? What defines great service, exceptional service? Service with a Smile will help your business understand the importance of real service. Customer service is the moment of truth for every business and our company feels it is the one defining moment of truth for all business in the future.

This program is designed for owners because if the owner doesn't get it and embrace it, how will the team?

Service with Lots of Smiles - (For managers and the team)
Once the owner embraces it and wants to run with this concept, the staff needs to get it too, this program gets the team to embrace and understand the beauty of service.
Prerequisite: The owner must have taken Service with a Smile.

Marketing Yourself and Your Business
How do you get new clients? How do you keep existing clients coming back?
What is your marketing plan, do you have one? We know you are bombarded with regular calls and visits from every advertiser in the planet, but does it fit in with your vision? What is your point of difference? Learn how to creatively market your business and plan accordingly with a strategy that will get you noticed.

Dream Outrageously
Develop an outrageous and audacious goal. Goal setting and strategic life planning will get you started on a path towards results you are looking for or maybe have only dreamed possible.

Alayne's Bio

Alayne White has lived and breathed business since her first Girl Scout cookie order at eight years young. Alayne has been in the beauty business for the past 23 years and her love and enthusiasm for all aspects of business is contagious.

The first alayne white spa was opened in 2002 and was quickly recognized for its innovative and creative treatments and its highest standard of incredible customer service and experience. The second spa was added in June of 2007.

Alayne and her treatments have been featured in Vogue Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, New England Travel as well as many professional trade magazines. Her plans to open a total of 5 spas throughout the state and an advanced training center could not happen without her team of spa goddesses and family who lovingly help her drive the alayne white bus.

Alayne is an innovative and creative speaker and business leader in her community and she is well respected among her peers and her staff.

She has created a business model that is unique in both the industry and the business community and loves to share her ideas with anyone who will listen. Her presentation style is fun and high energy and you can't help but feel motivated in her presence.





"Hi Alayne, Thanks for your wonderful email. You are a great writer and I WANT you to have a column in one of our magazines. You have a voice that should be heard! Pitch the idea to them and I will happily write a referral!! You are spot on with your assessment of what is happening economically. This will be a weeding out process that is long overdue. I welcome it and have never shied away from a challenge. It will force all of us to try harder and work smarter. Great!

With thanks,"

(Jane Wurwand is the founder of Dermalogica)

"Dear Alayne, Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. It was wonderful to speak with a successful woman in business. Not only did you offer great new ideas, but you had incredible insight. i left inspired and ready to get started on new projects. I am sure I will have questions as I continue to grow and improve my handbag business, Thank you." Natalie Therese Handbags.

"Dear Alayne, Your presentaton on dreaming outrageously for Lincoln School was amazing. The students, teachers and faculty thought it was really wonderful and would love to have you come back." Sarah S., Student at Lincoln School, Providence, RI



"Dear Alayne, Thank you so much for everything. You have inspired me in ways you couldn't even imagine. I have learned so much and yet have to learn more. I am doing very well with retail and communication. Thank you again." Shannon Lavierre, All About Hair, Bristol, RI

"Alayne was wonderful. She's a great motivator and an inspiration to women in business. I would definitely come back to hear her again." Janice Tome, Betsy's Salon

"I enjoyed Alayne immensely. She was very informative, upbeat and very confident. She taught us how to mix it up and have fun. Sometimes I think I get too serious about all of this." Maryellen Taylor, Image Care, Cambridge, MA

"An Evening with Alayne White was a hit for me and I am so happy I came. Alayne was a great motivator and prompted many thoughts for my business."

"Dear Alayne,
The impact you had on me in that one meeting at Chiazza has also had the same affect on our students at Euphoria Institute.Your personal perspective is exhilarating and thought provoking. The students absolutely enjoyed your presentation as did I. I would like you to know that I have already seen a remarkable change in their interactions with clients since your visit with them.
Thank you sincerely,
Linda L Rampone
Cosmetology Instructor
Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences


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