When momma’s happy, everyone’s happy

Posted by: Kristine Gausland, spa goddess extraordinaire

I have a challenge for all women out there that seems simple in concept but sometimes difficult to implement.  Make and take time to take care of yourself! This means different things to different women, for me (mom, spa goddess, wife, sister, daughter, etc....) “care” means regular facials/peels, not because I am a skin therapist, but because when I look in the mirror and my skin looks great it trickles over into all aspects of my life. 

I have taken an hour or so for only me and had someone else take care of me and this in turn makes me a better mother, wife, sister, daughter... at least until my next peel!  It is by far not the cure all for all the daily struggles that we women face head on every minute, but it sure the hell makes it a little easier.  A favorite saying in my house is “When momma's happy, everyone's happy.” So whether you decide to come for a facial, peel, etc. or you decide to take a nap on a Tuesday afternoon and just treat yourself to one of those fancy expensive coffees...Stop. Enjoy. - You deserve it.

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