Take More Baths

It is one of those misty breezy humid evenings. Almost steamy. Summer and its weather. If you looked outside without feeling the temperature, you may even feel like it is crock-pot weather. Feeling the weather, though, you would quickly realize that instead you would want to sip a nice cool glass of lemonade with a sprig of lavender or an icy water with a few sprigs of mint. Because I am fortunate to have a cross breeze from the bay keep my house un-airconditioned, I felt the need to take a bath. A bath with lots of bubbles, lots of rose oil since that is my all time favorite and lots of accoutrements.


Manicure implements, facial masks and scrubs, body oil, body scrubs and face oils. No music tonight since my son and my husband are both out and I have the bath time all to myself for about an hour, so quiet becomes the preferred sound.

After my self given manicure and mini facial, I go about scrubbing with a nice gritty exfoliant just about head to toe, and then I just simply lie back and take some deep breaths. I was trying to remember the last time I used my bathtub and I realize that it has indeed been too long. This got me thinking about how important and easy it is to take care of yourself and yet for some reason we are so often running from place to place and I couldn’t help but think why? What are we running from or to?  I love my house and my family. I enjoy being home and can relax easily. I don’t always feel the need to be doing something, but at the end of the day find myself often reflecting on what I actually did and it is usually a lot of stuff. When I first moved into my house 17 years ago, I took baths often. I distinctly remember saying to myself, “ I hope I never forget how spectacular this feels.”

Well then it is motherhood where you are lucky if you get to take a shower let alone have time to run a bath. Now 11 ½  years since our son was born and our life as we knew it changed, I lie here right now, my body warm from the bath, covered in the smell of rose body oil. My skin is luminous from this short yet so effective bath. The sheets of my bed are freshly changed, the breeze is cooling and fragrant and I wonder why I don’t do this more often because it feels so great. So now I feel like I am on a campaign to take more baths and to get more women to do the same. I know that some of you are thinking, “but then I have to clean it afterwards.” You clean freaks know who you are. Just take a bath and see how you feel.

It may not be life changing, but your attitude for the evening just may be a little softer in the house, you may be a bit more mellow. You may even sleep better.

My grandmother took a bath every night before she went to bed. Lots of that generation did that and when you think about this, it was way before day spas and work out facilities. Perhaps they understood that this was the way to get some alone time even just for a short spurt.

Try it and post your comments on the experience. Maybe we can start a take a bath movement and put the sleeping aid business out of business.

Happy bathing.



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