Bikini Wax Time

I wish I could show you my fabulous new bikini wax. i have become addicted to super tight bikini waxing, I love the way they make you feel as a woman, kind of like a great new pair of underwear only better. if you have never tried a bikini wax that is super tight, now is the time, don't be scared but rather feel empowered as it is a great way to make a small change that will make you feel like a different person. Read on for more of my insights into the trials and tribulations of women who don't care about such an important part of their bodies.

I must confess, I love bikini waxing. I am on a mission to get more women, especially married women who have been so for more than a few years, to indulge in a super sexy, tight bikini wax. Not a Brazilian, I have always felt that there is some hair there for a reason, but a bikini wax that changes the way you look and more importantly feel. Though I must say, the older I get the more towards a Brazilian I get, (we don’t do those at the spa, but we do pretty tight waxes that you will love.) 

I have been in this business for over 24 years and have seen my share of bikini areas. Women who are in their late 30s and above so often tend to forget about the area we know as the bikini stating that they don’t wear bikinis or go to the beach as a reason not to keep your vagina looking sexy.  What about your sex lives? What about just feeling like a sensual woman for yourself no matter what your body size?

I may be crossing the line here, but if you know me personally, you know I say what I think and I often wonder how many of these women continue to have great sex with their partners if they are not paying attention to that very important area. Why do women feel like they don’t need to keep up their bikini area the same way they shave their legs or put their makeup on?  I think sometimes it is just a matter of complacency. Sometimes we need to take an active role in the way we feel about ourselves and a bikini wax sometimes does just the trick.

DOES IT HURT?  AND WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I COME IN? The most common questions I get. My answer is usually yes, it does hurt the first time, but it is over in a split second if it is done right and there is no stubble. Just a smooth hair-free hot looking vagina, what is wrong with that? It is good to come in with at least 2-3 weeks of growth and to trim as much as possible.  You also don’t want to go in the sun or a tanning booth at least 3 days before you come in for a bikini wax. You should not wear any lotions or crèmes and when you come in, wear underwear that you don’t really care about as some wax can get on the underwear. We don’t recommend any alcohol drinking prior to coming in and I say that because some women feel that will help relax you when in actuality it can really cause your skin to bruise. Waxing usually lasts for about 3-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows, and how much even a small amount of regrowth bothers you.

I am not suggesting that you do this for anyone else but you because you are important, you have power and you have an intense ability to choose how you feel about yourself, and you sure don’t have to be married to anyone to have a bikini wax.  I have just noticed a pattern of women for years who have let the bikini area go. I know for me when I have a fresh bikini wax and a pedicure, when I wear new underwear or a new dress, I take on my day a little differently and I like that feeling. The added bonus is that it makes me feel more attractive which in turn keeps my relationship with my husband fresh. After 20 years of marriage, sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have and I would be happy to answer them for you, or better yet, post a comment on this blog entry and perhaps we can get some conversation going about this topic.


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