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Alayne's Favorite Things

Remember when Oprah Winfrey did her first Favorite Things show? Like so many brilliant marketing strategies Oprah did, this was a game changer for the way talk show hosts have moved forward with commercial plugs since. Of course by now most of us realize that the items given as her ‘personal favorites’ were plugs paid for by the companies wishing to promote…

Alayne White Is Going RETRO (For A Bit)

With the fall and upcoming winter, change is in the air.

It's happening! The computer system change we've been teasing for a while is kicking off on November 6. During this time, we will be taking our online booking offline so we can transfer all of the existing appointments over as smoothly as possible.

This means that we are going RETRO! Wait, what?

Well, remember the old…


I tend to speak to people about my double mastectomy three and a half months out like I just got over the flu. It is likely a survival skill learned from my grandparents who grew up in the depression. You just plow ahead, leaving the trail behind you as you forge on.



Dearest Michael,

I learned so much about mothering from our friend and pretend family, Karen. Karen has been our neighbor right across the street for both my entire marriage and your entire life and along with her husband, Bob and their kids I can say we grew up together.

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I have been teaching and talking the beauty business since I was in my late twenties. I remember like it was yesterday, women who are my age now, saying, “Just wait.” I looked in the mirror as I do everyday and have done for most of my life and realized, it has happened. The “just wait” has happened. The weird lines forming in places I swear weren’t there yesterday, the hairs sprouting…


These writings are from a collection I have been writing since February 2017 before and after breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomies, recoveries etc. if you want to read all of them in one area, you can log on to

Life is now

The month of March, March 15, the Ides of March is my birthday, a birthday month.

I love my birthday. I usually start celebrating the week before, but this year is a special birthday. I am going to be 52. So fun! I was born in 1965. So one of my favorite numbers is 11. My spa is at 11 constitution, my partners birthday also adds up to 11. So 11, and of course 18 are some faves.


last leg of my trip, israel

The question I always get when i tell people i am traveling to israel is, is it safe? aren't you afraid? Israel is of course a hot bed of energy, surrounded by people who really don't like them too much, but i feel incredibly safe here. The essence of my travel here is my awe for the overall lack of complacency and this i really cherish. pictures will follow as i am having some time with my ipad…


Well I spent 5 phenomenal days in Copenhagen and then left and went to the island of Menorca off the coast of Spain. Not Mellorca, which is the larger island. This photo is of me and my friend, Ro who so graciously invited to to stay at her friends house for an entire week.

Menorca is little traveled…

Mediterannean in July

Alayne shopping in the town of Mao, one of my favorite towns. Scarves and dresses at every turn, it was more than I could bare. I promised myself I wouldn't do much shopping, but after I bought a bike in Copenhagen in the hippie town of Christiania and had it shipped to the states, the floodgates were opened and there…