the skinny on ‘lana’

the skinny on ‘lana’

Thanks to the brave caller who vented about this glorious image of Lana, our new logo for the spa, read her comments and my response then tell us what you think...

"I can't believe that a class act like Alayne White approved that image of Ms. Fourth that's in the Phoenix. Is this the right image to the Bristol young ladies? I don't think so."

Letter to the Editor
Thank you to the caller of Speak Out last week for the comments about the alayne white spa ads that we have been running during this July 4th. The reference to the image being Ms. July 4th was incorrect, however and I feel on behalf of my "class operation" the need to clarify so there is no further confusion.

The image is in fact an alter ego caricature of myself who we refer to as Lana. Her intention is to demonstrate that as a woman we are allowed to claim our own power, beauty and sexuality on our own terms, (something women have been fighting for since Eve tried to get Adam to
eat the damn apple, by the way.)

"Lana" represents a voice for some women to define for themselves how they want to be represented. In my opinion, Lana has some meat, she is
sassy and strong and confident. I think this is the perfect image for our young ladies of Bristol to see as it is a drastic change from the male driven media world they are growing up in. The alternative example has continued to be anorexic, under weight models having plastic surgery younger and younger struggling with their body images as early as 2nd grade. Look at the Victoria Secret Catalogues, or Seventeen Magazine or Amercia's Top Model to see the examples that are being set for our daughters every day and by the way, our sons are watching.

That the reader was offended is great; a successful ad campaign, like great music and art, creates feelings. Anger, compassion, empathy, all of this is good because we are entitled to our opinions, this is after all America, this is July 4th where we celebrate our freedoms. The essence of the ad and the image if people have seen our t shirts is to
celebrate the 4th in Bristol as a strong and confident woman who gets these privileges because of people like Abigail Adams who said to John in 1776,

"If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation."

Women like Abigail Adams and so many afterwards fought for our freedoms to be women. Women have been discriminated against and have had little voice in previous centuries and even decades. The fact that I can even use an image like Lana to celebrate women and our bodies on our own terms is progression. So though I appreciate the freedom of speech and discussion that she has provoked, as a woman who strives to be an example of strong leadership, community responsibility and responsible business practices, it is important to me that the image is understood properly. I think if you asked any one of the Miss 4th of July, Little Miss 4ths and any of their courts, they would have told you that this image is exactly the image they could connect with.

July 4th in 1776 did not give women a voice, 234 years later, let's be thankful that we have made some progress.

alayne white
proprietress of alayne white spa

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