last leg of my trip, israel

The question I always get when i tell people i am traveling to israel is, is it safe? aren't you afraid? Israel is of course a hot bed of energy, surrounded by people who really don't like them too much, but i feel incredibly safe here. The essence of my travel here is my awe for the overall lack of complacency and this i really cherish. pictures will follow as i am having some time with my ipad on this trip and this is where my photos are right now.

I have been in the suburb of Givatayim which is very close to tel aviv. I have spent days roaming the streets, looking for spas and seeing what the israeli version of alayne white spa is and have not found one yet. Tel aviv is the place, it has markets, oldness, authenticity, shopping of all kinds, as well as  new and bustling areas that quickly made it way too expensive for the average joe, sound familiar? I will put some photos up of the tent city that is on Rothchild blvd, people are protesting the lack of affordable housing. It is a sight reminiscent of the 60s. I am glad i got to witness it first hand.

I have shopped in a market for a backgammon set, met a wonderful shop owner named Tali, bought a stunning dress from her shop called Maia, had lunch of watermelon and salty cheese on the beach on the mediterranean, had dinner at Goldmans also on the beach, heard a Muslim call to worship at night  from Jaffa, gone to my friend's lawn bowling championship at the lawn bowling club and had a great barbeque afterwards. (lawn bowling is from south africa and looks a lot like Bocci ball, but when i dared make that comparison, was quickly in israeli fashion, given all the reasons why it was nothing like bocci) i have eaten israeli salads, gone to a fruit market shopping with my friend Tsipee who has lived in this very neigborhood for 76 years, her entire life, and tried the weirdest fruit. I have watched people touch fruit, scoop nuts, choose dates all with no disposable gloves and everyone seems to be healthy and not on their deathbed, i have smelled smells, heard noises and sounds of life that are hard to describe. People are outside, not rushing the same way we rush in the states, people are hanging out, having coffee, even their fast food is beautiful. can you tell i am in love with israel? My trip in november with my son was a dream for me, this trip living amongst israelis in their home without so much as a plan everyday except to decide on my day fulfills my trip.

tonight we will have a casual shabbat dinner with the family and in another hour i will be making my way on bus 55 from givataim to tel aviv to lie my already menorcan tanned body on the Tel Aviv beach. Tov Ma-od is how you say very good in Hebrew and with that I shall say Leitra-ot, good bye for now.

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