Well I spent 5 phenomenal days in Copenhagen and then left and went to the island of Menorca off the coast of Spain. Not Mellorca, which is the larger island. This photo is of me and my friend, Ro who so graciously invited to to stay at her friends house for an entire week.

Menorca is little traveled by americans and i loved its simplicity, its remarkable untouched feeling by tourists in most of the island and the light. Like denmark, JUly stays light until almost 10 pm which allows for very long and glorious beach days, nude and topless bathing is the norm and I became a quick fan. There is nothing like swimming in the Mediaterrean sea to begin with, but to be able to unabashedly swim and dive sans a bathing suit changes you.

I know I know, a spa owner tanning? Please forgive me all clients, but I couldnt help myself. The sea and the island is a special place and the sun was just too good to resist.
Menorca is no more than hour from tip to tip and each place we went to did not disappoint.

I loved the sights, the quiet, the late nights, the long days, and the shopping. Dresses and scarves abound and all of the shopping spoke to me.
The other thing that is great about menorca is that not many people speak englsih, so even though I traveled with my friends who are from Spain, I was forced to try out my spanish. It wasn't pretty but there is something about having to learn another language to communicate that awakens your mind and stimulates your spirit in a way that is hard to define.
I happened to catch the last night in menorca with a full and i mean full moon. A full moon over the. Mediterranean sea is so feminine and sensual, it was the first time in my life that I cried when I was at the airport leaving.

I will definitely be back next year, maybe to open up the first alayne white spa......

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