Mediterannean in July

Alayne shopping in the town of Mao, one of my favorite towns. Scarves and dresses at every turn, it was more than I could bare. I promised myself I wouldn't do much shopping, but after I bought a bike in Copenhagen in the hippie town of Christiania and had it shipped to the states, the floodgates were opened and there was no holding back.

I am now in Madrid and will be able to send more photos and blog posts as I am staying in this funky boutique hotel called Zenit that is awesome and alas has wifi!!! Menorca was sparse in the wifi department which was a welcome respite, but I did miss being able to post some of my joys. New England is great in July and I seldom have left in the month of July, but menorca could easily be my new home. Is it heresy to say that? I love new England, it's charm, it's beauty, but once you go to the mediterannean in July and really shut down, the calm that takes over is hard to describe.

I wish I had a photo I could share with you of me floating butt naked in San boa, the spectacularly sparkly beach, breathing deeply and fully and saying over and over, I surrender,p I surrender, the power of that is one of those moments that really changes your energy field.

I can't believe but am also so relieved to know that I still have 8 days left of this magical time away and will be headed to tel aviv.

alayne white (self-proclaimed spa goddess)

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