What do you DREAM and when was the last time you did?

Jenna and Alayne at THE DREAM PARTY. www.createyourlifeinc.com This month I proclaim to be the month of dreaming LARGE. When I first opened my business in 2002, my dream was to have it run efficiently without my physical presence. Here I am standing with Jenna, one of the many spa goddesses who work for me and with me who make my dream possible. What is your dream and are you actively pursuing it or are you still waiting for it to pursue you? What is my dream now and where have I been lately?

Here I am fulfilling the next part of my dream of writing a business book standing with Lisa Tener,www.lisatener.com , a book writing coach and her many students. I met Lisa at last year's DREAM PARTY created by Dream Goddess, Tara Steeves, My dream of running a successful business without my physical presence does not mean I am not present. I am extremely active and knew early on that for it to run the way I envisioned it to run meant that I couldn't possibly work in there all the time, but rather on it all the time. Many old school people told me this was impossible. For those of you who know me, I love to turn old school thinking upside down and inside out. In order for any business to run well, it must have a team who is invited to do their job. Many organizations say they want initiative from their team, but really don't know what that means. My dream could only be possible with the team of spa goddesses that work with me. For me to be able to actively work on my business book, BUSINESS TIPS FROM A SELF-PROCLAIMED SPA GODDESS, I need them to run and create and enjoy alayne white spa as much asĀ  I do. Because we have developed a training program with decision making and ownership mentality as its core theme, the result is a team of amazing women who GET IT. This is not luck as some people think, this is deliberate and effective training and more importantly follow through, coaching and continual appreciation of a job well done.

If you have recently been in and are wondering where I have been, I have been working in a different light, allowing my team to do what they are amazing at, taking great care of you in my spirit while I get to work on this important project that will change the way women run and operate their businesses by sharing my past 25 years in this wonderful business we call beauty.

Thank you to my team for constantly helping me drive the alayne white bus and allowing me to get off the bus occassionally and take a rest. I am in awe of your intelligence, your beauty and the light you share with me just by your presence in mine.

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