Bikini Blog (aka vaginalogue)

My newest title I know is going to raise some eyebrows. I can just imagine my grandmother opening this particular blog and being horrified that I am using the V word. The fact of the matter is that we are thrown constant sexual images of women that are airbrushed and painted and made up to the point of unrealistic absurdity. I want women to start reclaiming their personal beauty and start talking about things like sex and body images and all the things in between (no pun intended, really). What better place to start and continue the discussion than my Alayne white spa blog page.




For those of you who know me and my style, most would describe me as saying what I think whenever wherever. Of course this can have both positive and negative attributes, but lately I think it has many more positives. You see, I try to be open about my own feelings, desires and thoughts to give other women who may otherwise not feel comfortable declaring theirs. My philosophy is that if I am comfortable with my own trials and tribulations, perhaps it will free other people do do so. I am on a personal mission to get women to pay attention to themselves on many layers.

Alright so why is this blog titled bikini blog? I have lately become obsessed with bikini waxing. Besides the obvious, there are so many additional perks to a great bikini wax. The first benefit that comes to mind is the wonderful conversation with other women that bikini waxing seems to unleash. I have had conversations with women who have been married for 15 years and more and women who are getting married for the first time. What I enjoy most is the openness and frank comments that come so easily during a bikini wax.I usually say something like, “wow, this is going to look so hot.” The response is usually something like, “he hasn’t noticed for years,” or something to that affect.

What? First of all, do a hot bikini wax for you first, not him or her for that matter. And I have to say that after seeing over hundreds of bikini areas, my response is usually, “when was the last time you noticed?” Why is it that once we have been married or in a relationship for quite some time, some women forget to notice their own sexuality? Why is it that some women forget that they even have sensuality that is distinctly their own? I know for me when I feel pretty, beautiful, sensual whatever word that describes that inner vibe you get when you are on, I am pure power. I am kinder, more focused, more loving (and definitely wanting to have more sex with my husband, an added bonus).

I was speaking with my aunt this morning and she reminded me of a PBS special she saw on the cosmetic genius of Helena Rubenstein. What was powerful about her was that she really wasn’t a raving beauty, but her philosophy was that every woman could feel beautiful and she created her cosmetic line to change the way that women thought about themselves. This is what I feel bikini waxes and all the other treatments we offer at the spa can do. Without sounding like some sales pitch here, I want women to come to the spa and have a service and leave feeling beautiful or sexy or lovely, whatever word speaks to you. Bikini waxes, especially our newest addition that we will be launching called HOT CAT, super tight, super fab, can create a new and fabulous vibe that can create all kinds of magic. Just like a new lingerie set, a great new bra, a hot bikini wax can rock your world. So get brave and try something new, we won’t disappoint, scouts honor.


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