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What does your skin really need?

Lately I have been seeing lots of commericals showing all kinds of new contraptions for your skin. The most recent one was of this lovely very young woman, with the most beautiful (most likey airbrushed) skin touting the benefits of this rubber pronged looking thing that is supposed to deeply clean your skin and those clogged pores you didn't know you had.

Tempting, I know. All the buzwords…

Dream Party 2009

Tara, Alayne and Aurelie (our french spa goddess)

Do you have a dream? Alayne White Spa sponsored it's first DREAM PARTY last night in Cranston hosted by Tara Steeves, Proprietress of Create Your Life. Women and Men came from all over to live their dream like it had already happened 5 years from now. The room was filled…

Bikini Blog (aka vaginalogue)

My newest title I know is going to raise some eyebrows. I can just imagine my grandmother opening this particular blog and being horrified that I am using the V word. The fact of the matter is that we are thrown constant sexual images of women that are airbrushed and painted and made up to the point of unrealistic absurdity. I want women to start reclaiming…

To Spa Or Not To Spa


I was at a great function the other night where I met about 14 women who all work in a prison type environment, not quite a prison, but more of a holding facility where many of the inmates are on their way to prison and are awaiting the outcome. Clearly, this is a different environment than the one I go to work to everyday and we had some great conversation about going…

YOU, A New Way to look at the way you eat and the way you feel.

  • What to look for at the grocery store: $75
  • Clean me up: $75
  • Bed and breakfast: 6 WEEKS; $350, 8 WEEKS; $470, 12 WEEKS $700
  • Bed Breakfast + Exercise: starting at $530
  • Free the free radicals with detox: $75
  • Full of S***: $40
  • Let's talk trash office party: TBD
  • Team Sugar and Skin: $165
  • Free the Free Radicals + Detox…

Business Coaching from a Woman’s Perspective

There are amazing programs and coaching advisors out there, but of all the advice I have seen over the years, I have always felt that male advisors don't always get what it is like to be a woman in business. Because of this, I have created powerful one on one coaching sessions, business and event presentations, and guest speakings…

When momma’s happy, everyone’s happy

Posted by: Kristine Gausland, spa goddess extraordinaire

I have a challenge for all women out there that seems simple in concept but sometimes difficult to implement.  Make and take time to take care of yourself! This means different things to different women, for me (mom, spa goddess, wife, sister, daughter, etc....) “care” means regular facials/peels, not because I am a skin therapist,…

Confessions of a Beach Lover

I must confess, I love the beach. Now many of you who have grown up by a beach will agree, but as a skin therapist, aka esthetician, I am really not supposed to be a lover of the sun. I see sun damaged skin all day long at my spas and I see women all day long trying to fix years of sun damage. I can’t help it though, the pure dose of vitamin d gives me such a feeling…

A moment in april

Little butts, smiling faces, sun hats. Tan and not so tan bodies, screeching, laughing, whining, running. Goggles, Speedos, tan and insecure, fit bodies. Youth, love, nagging, Jersey and New York accents. Talk of the flavor of salt water flavored with warnings and precaution . 

Sand in every orifice, lots of white privilege trying to look less…


We really love to cater to the bride and a guest. Our spa is not really set up for big bridal parties, but if you need to get your skin or mind ( or both) into shape, let us recommend some facial services a few months prior to your big day.

We love to take care of your soul to help you relax and feel stunning, spassages, delicious, everything but the kitchen sink and our…