Our Story

Is there an Alayne White? What’s her story?

I wanted to personally answer this question. Yes of course there is an Alayne White! I thought you may want to know about my philosophy and where I am when I am not at the spas.

I have been in the beauty business for over 25 years, even longer if you count all of the makeup trades I use to coordinate at the many sleepovers I had with my girlfriends when I was 12. After esthetics school in Boston when esthetics was just coming on the horizon, I apprenticed a really smart woman in an upscale facial salon and learned a lot. I went on to work for a few hair salons that had skin care rooms attached and finally worked at the first spa to open on Aquidneck Island. I worked there as the spa director and eventually the spa manager for almost 10 years and learned so much from the owner, Judy Chaves, who is still one of my most cherished mentors to this day.

During this time, I worked for Aveda when it was just coming into the marketplace as an educator. After realizing that I couldn't grow anymore at the spa, I took a fulltime job for Aveda. It was here where I started to really shape my business model for exceptional client care that guides my principles to this day.

I worked for Aveda for almost 12 years in many capacities and then when Estee Lauder purchased it, I left and started my own facial business. This was 16 years ago and my 2 spas are based on my years of experience and love for both the business of beauty and for the women (and occasional man) who grace us with their presence every day and remind me of why I love this business I call beauty. Feel free to peruse my variety of blog entries to know more about Alayne White.

Hear it from Alayne

What makes us unique?

We are a boutique style spa with attention to detail and service. If you are looking for the 'mega spa' experience, we are definitely not it, but if you are looking for a spa experience that is intimate where we get to know you, where we enjoy and appreciate your business and treat you like special guests in our home, we are it. Great things come in small packages.

We call our team spa goddesses. Why?

Because they are here to service you and delight you and to make sure you know how special you are. They are all licensed and complete a certification process before doing any treatments. Our environment is a non-competitive one and everyone is comfortable with our guests trying any of us at any time. Our goal is to service you at a time that works for you. Whatever we can do to make that happen, we will.

What else can you do for me?

We can make reservations for you at local restaurants, museums, rent bikes or kayaks and help you plan a day or weekend trip incorporating all that Bristol, Providence, or the surrounding area has to offer. Rhode Island is so small that we not only know our town, we know our state and can really create a neat little vacation for you. Whether you are visiting us for the day or for overnight, your spa journey will delight and satisfy your body and your spirit and hopefully keep a smile on your face for as long as possible.

The evolution of the word "SPA" from Alayne

When I first got into the beauty business at the tender age of 12, when my mother took me for my first facial at RAMS HEAD Salon in Newport, it was in the back room of a busy hair salon in the trendy at the time new Brick Market place. I had grown up going to Newbury St. for haircuts from the time I was 6 years old and I think my mother got beauty into my blood. When I got out of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Newton, MA. in 1986, “Day” Spas were just coming into the vocabulary of the beauty business. Up until that time, spas were places you went to for a period of time. Over time since then, the term SPA has really become cannibalized by many industries and with it, its integrity. Especially in Rhode Island where up until recently there was a weird loophole in the law that allowed prostitution inside a building. As a result, many illegal businesses opened using the word SPA in their name, but offering anything but what we do. Unfortunately for people like me who run ethical businesses, this word that raised my business into the success it is today, is not a word I choose to associate with any longer. So we are in a bit of a conundrum, because as we redirect our business model we still offer beautiful services that give you the AHHHH. Focusing on what we are really great at and that is skin. You will see we have dropped a lot of the body services from our menu because we have realized that we just don’t do those as well as we do skin. We also know that to stay relevant, we must also introduce new services based on consumer demand and so we have added a new collection of high performance skin treatments called PURE POWER. Our clients have loved our ahhhh, but in this extremely immediate gratification world we are inhabiting these days, we needed to come up with services that give an incredible outcome without a lot of time and this is another reason why we are dropping the word spa from our name. It is not easy because we have built our model on the ahhhh experience, but in doing so we have forgotten to mention that we are the best in the business when it comes to making your skin amazing. So instead of the word spa, you will see the word skin a lot more. My team and I have worked too hard to upgrade the image of an industry that is so often looked down upon in a broad stroke of stereotyping. I do not want my brand or my team to be associated with sexual misconduct and the misogyny of women in business. We can not let a word that is grossly unregulated to redefine years of ethical and honest hard work. So as you see our language shift from spa to skin, health, beauty, it is with a heavy heart and much thoughtfulness, but we must evolve to stay both relevant in the market and proud in our superchick hearts.