SKIN CARE MADE EASIER: Even when you may not need (or even want) a facial.

It occurred to me during our shutdown that our business model did not necessarily make it easy for clients to have great skin. Don’t get me wrong- great skin is the foundation to our facial business. But what if you didn’t want to come in for a service? How would you access our talent? How could we make it easier to have great skin even if you didn’t want or even need a great facial?

A licensed skin care coach makes reality recommendations based on information, not sales.

The best and most rewarding part of business owning is the exhilarating creativity that comes from new ideas and reinventions. Nothing like a global pandemic to make you reconsider everything you ever thought about entrepreneurship to give you a good kick in the pants.

When things are going A-OK, though, it is so easy to let sleeping dogs lie. Why rock the boat? Why upset the apple cart? Just the fact that I am weaving boring cliches through this blog should be a tell tale sign that a shake up was in order.

But a shakeup or a shakedown of global proportions? Hardly. But here we are and what is left in the wake, so far anyway, is a reconsideration of the now.

First and foremost, in the depths of the chaos I had the bright mind to ask myself a few questions prompted by a random call from a dear client, Andrew Z at the start of this closure.

Alayne, I am really out of Power C, could I order some?

Such an obvious question, now that I think about it in reflection.Truth be told, I wasn’t even thinking about how to get product to clients. I had just closed my business for an indefinite period of time. I had no idea that I would still be closed a month, two months, four months later. So Andrew’s random question made me consider how clients would be able to get their products. And just like that-


Well not that quick, but while it was in its birthing stage, I got myself busy. I started making deliveries, Old School Avon Lady style.

And I was completely energized. Unstoppable. Packing, delivering, shipping.

My Bristol location rapidly turned into what seemed like an Amazon fulfillment center and my business mind got to work developing an online store and shopping experience to make it easy for clients to order product.

This got me thinking.

  1. What if people needed skin care advice and products, but either couldn’t come for a service (for the obvious reasons as in Covid closure)?
  2. What if clients didn’t want a service, but wanted great skin care products and advice from experts? As a result, a VIRTUAL Coaching company came to life in a nano second. A virtual back up plan in case the facial business was on a temporary or permanent hiatus (and in April we really couldn’t decide what would become of us).

So out of the depths of despair, a brand new website, a new branding, a new company and a new direction was born. We launched all of this in August, just five months after this all started. It is pretty exciting that in the thick of this whole life changer that shook us up and spit us out, here we are.

With a sense of pride and determination that has made me rise up from the darkness and have a new sense of pride and hope.

The store and the Virtual services are going to change the industry. Imagine that your choices for great skin care are:

  • Department stores
  • Dermatologists/ Plastic Surgeons
  • Drugstores
  • Brand stores
  • Online stores
  • Social media

How do you know what you are buying? Seldom are they even licensed, trained skin therapists. Even the Doctors are seldom trained in great skin care, but more often prescription based recommendations. How do you know who you can trust, what you really need and why you need it?

This is where we are a perfect fit. No sales motivation, just reality skin motivation, a way to have a skin coach in your back pocket on demand with any question you may have.

And a real answer because we get to know you and your skin and your personality, lifestyle and most important, your expectations and commitment level.

First chat is on me. $35 value, free for you, just sign up here and schedule your appointment. We’ll get you on the reality skin path.

CODE – ‘REALITY‘ to get your first free chat with Alayne.

Beauty without the BS.



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