Bristol only

We rock your feet with our award winning pedicures. In the world of in and out in a jiffy pedicures, our pedicures are really something different. Privacy, first of all, one on one attention, and on top of the stellar service, our pedicures last. Why do we only do them in Bristol now? Because after 15 years in business, we cannot find amazing pedicurists like Gina. Send me someone who loves feet and loves her work as much as Gina and we would be happy to hire, but for now only the best will do and that is why we are only offering this stellar service in our Bristol location.

So all this being said, we only have 1 pedicure room and 1 pedicurist AND A HUGE FOLLOWING OF CLIENTS. We highly recommend booking your pedicure appointments at least 3 months in advance and 6 months advance for the summer. 


The Most Amazing Pedicure You Will Ever Have
This is for you if: You want a lot of pedicure.
Time: About an hour and 20 minutes
Hear it from Alayne
The In-Between Pedicure
This is for you if: You want to pick the parts of the pedicure you need the most. This treatment gives you what you want in it. Maybe you really love massage and don't really dig a mask for the feet, or maybe you really want extra exfoliation and a little massage. Gina will customize this new pedicure just for you.
Time: About an hour and 10 minutes
A Good Old Fashioned Pedicure
This is for you if: You want a shorter version of the Amazing Pedicure.
Happy Feet Reflexology Experience
This is for you if: Your favorite part of the pedicure is the foot massage. This service is strictly massage and does not include polish.
Time: About 50 minutes
The David Souza Sports Pedicure
This is for you if: You are a super cool dude who wants a pedicure, named after one of our most stellar man clients in Providence. Thanks, Dave.
Time: About an hour
Hear it from Alayne
Beyond Belief Pedicure
This is for you if: You can't even imagine what a 2-hour pedicure is like, but this has amazing amounts of AHHH and amazing amounts of BAM. Take our Amazing Pedicure and kick it up a few notches. Leg, feet, arms, hands, scalp and shoulder massage, paraffin on the feet and hands, and you will feel like you had a full body experience. Also great for super pregnant women.
Time: Almost 2 hours!
Hear it from Alayne